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Permanent Jewelry Information

What is Permanent Jewelry?
Permanent Jewelry are dainty bracelets, necklaces, & anklets that are custom fit to you and then welded together without a clasp! Basically the only way to get it off is to cut it off which is super easy.
  • The Chains we use are 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver and will not tarnish so you can wear them everyday. The jewelry lasts as long as you want it to! 

  • Permanent Jewelry does not hurt at all. It's a quick process and totally painless. It is also TSA approved so you will not have to remove it in the airport.

  • If you have to remove your bracelet for a Medical Procedure, please cut the bracelet at the weld and I will re-weld it on complimentary. 

  • If your bracelet breaks at the weld spot, I will re-weld it on complimentary.

  • If your bracelet breaks at a different spot, there is a $10.00 re-weld fee. If your bracelet is lost, you will have to purchase a new bracelet. 

  • Please contact us for any questions!! 


  • This service is offered by Appointment Only. Appointments can be made right on our website! Once booked, you will have to secure your $30.00 deposit and complete our waiver. Once both of those are completed, your appointment is set! Each individual must book separately. 

  • The $30.00 deposit is applied to your Permanent Jewelry purchase once you select the chain you would like. The only way the deposit becomes non-refundable is if you no call/no show. As long as you call and cancel you're appointment, your deposit is 100% refundable!

  • Please contact us for any questions!!


  • We are also offering Pop-Up events and Permanent Jewelry Parties! 

  • If you are a business and would like to host a Pop-Up event at your establishment, please email us for more information!

  • If you would like to host a Permanent Jewelry Party at your home, a 6 Permanent Jewelry Item Purchase is Required. The host of the event (1) will receive a free bracelet!

  • There is a $50.00 deposit required at time of booking to reserve your time slot. Deposit will go towards your Permanent Jewelry Purchase. Deposits cannot be refunded if your event is cancelled less than 24 Hours before or item minimum is not reached. ​

  • Please contact us for any questions!!

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